Garden Grove, CA

1900 Avenue of the Stars

1900 Avenue of the Stars is top-of-the-line when it comes to commercial properties in Southern California a Class-A tower of 28-stories with 600,000 rentable square feet. Located on Los Angeles' prestigious Westside, the building resides in the premiere business district of Century City.

Topa Management Company, owner and manager of the facility, contracted with WM Group for expert guidance on reducing their HVAC expenses. WM Group enlisted the help of DB Sales because of their long track record and vast experience on these types of projects.

Topa had been using the Central City central utility steam plant for many years, however the ever increasing cost of buying BTUs from the utility left them motivated to take control of their energy costs. Looking to install a central heating plant for the building, Topa worked with WM Group Engineers and DB Sales to design a system utilizing Advanced Thermal Hydronics KN Series high efficiency cast iron condensing boilers equipped with HeatNet integrated boiler management system.

The new system featuring 8 KN20 (2 million BTU/hr each) boilers would allow them to reduce energy costs in a number of ways. First, the system would reduce the cost per BTU by bringing the equipment in house. Second, the ultra-high efficiency of the KN Series boilers would dramatically cut the actually energy usage associated with running the new system. Additional savings resulting from a $65K rebate from SoCal Gas to be paid directly to Topa, made it an easy decision to move forward with the installation.

The 8 KN20 boilers are equipped with HeatNet integrated boiler management system to provide precise system control and increased energy optimization. HeatNet continuously monitors boiler temperatures, limit circuit inputs and overall system demands, modulating the boiler-firing rates to maximize turndown rations and maintain maximum system efficiency.

All of the boilers were pre-certified at the ATH factory by the South Coast AQMD, so when the boilers were installed they were ready to go. DB Sales performed the commissioning on all units.

1900 Avenue of the Stars now has its own elegantly designed high efficiency central plant. With energy costs directly under their control, Topa Management Company has reduced a major element of uncertainty in the demanding business of property ownership and management.