Springfield, CO

Knows the Importance of Reliable Heat

KN10, a 1 million BTU boiler, provides the town of Springfield, Colorado, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that its standby electrical generators are always ready.

The KN10 Boiler was installed to maintain 110F hot water to the diesel engines that drive the back-up generators. Power can be supplied immediately in the event that there is a failure with the main power grid that supplies electricity to southeastern Colorado.

If not keeping the engines warm, it would take three to four hours before the back-up generators could be started. The KN10 is a cast iron commercial, gas-fired boiler specifically designed to condense in low temperature applications. The system features Tru-Flow technology to control the air-fuel mixture at all firing rates and venting conditions, and combines high efficiency (up to 93%) with a small footprint. It is ideal for use in demanding applications such as schools, hospitals, large apartment buildings and offices.