Condensing Cast Iron Performance

Cast Iron Revival

The key to the success of the KN Series lies within the revolutionary design: every unit is engineered using a high mass, durable and resilient cast iron heat exchanger. Able to hold valuable latent heat longer than traditional materials used in other condensing boilers, cast iron provides superior longevity and reliability while increasing the cost effectiveness of installation, maintenance and energy consumption.

  • 5x more wall thickness than stainless steel and aluminum
  • Accepts 10:1 range of water flows (Variable Volume Systems)
  • 100 PSI maximum working pressure

An ideal material for condensing boiler applications, cast iron is produced using casted metal, making the construction stronger than metals that are welded together. With fewer seams and joints, KN Series' cast iron heat exchangers can handle more heat and more stress. And with corrosion-resistant properties, cast iron is inherently less sensitive to both acidic and basic pH levels. With the strength, durability and longevity needed for today's most demanding boiler applications, the cast iron technology sets KN Series condensing boilers apart from the competition.