KN family of boilers: KN-6

Innovation sized to meet the low fuel use, low installed cost, small footprint demands of today's condensing commercial boiler market.

The KN-Series is the first commercial boiler to realize condensing efficiencies using a cast iron heat exchanger. The result is a boiler family that combines the condition-tolerant and heat-retaining characteristics of cast iron with the fuel savings of full modulation condensing performance.

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Low Installation Cost
  • Factory piped & wired packaged boiler in a compact footprint; capable of being rigged via pallet jack through a standard doorway.
  • Single field adjustment required: zero governor gas valve controls CO2 by a simple metric allen key setting.
  • Variable water flow heat exchanger accepts up to 10:1 range, minimizing piping costs.
  • Venting runs of up to 80 equivalent feet each, exhaust and air intake.
Low Operation Costs
  • Unrivaled heat retention: high mass cast iron heat exchanger with 5x the the wall thickness or copper holds heat energy longer.
  • State of the art HeatNet integral control provides user-friendly Multi-function monitoring of all boiler operations with intuitive diagnostics and easy to read text displays.
  • Down-fire design offers easy accessibility to all components for annual service and maintenance.
Low Fuel Usage/Emissions
  • 88% combustion efficiency a full input. 99% combustion efficiency at minimum input (5:1 turndown).
  • Optimal fuel utilization and boiler performance thru integral HeatNet control module.
  • Low NOx and CO2 emissions - Reduces greenhouse gases.
  • Meets South Coast Air Quality Management Division (SCAQMD) Rule 1146.2 standards.
High Performance Engineering
  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra efficient Tru-Flow symmetric air/fuel coupling design burns clean while insuring proper combustion at all firing rates.
  • 5:1 continuous modulation for maximum efficiencies at all levels of heat demand.
  • Proven 8,000 btu pilot or "mini burner" with interrupted spark ignition and air-cooled UV sensor for enhanced reliability.
  • Low pressure drop thru the boiler does not require high velocities and allows good flow-balancing thru multiple boiler configurations with reverse-return piping.
The KN-6 boiler provides high capacity, commercial heating
Quick Specs
      600,000 BTUH
   Gas pressure,
   inches W.C.
   Voltage, 120 V
   1ph 60hz
   Flow, GPM10100
   Temperature rise, F20100
   Flue length, equiv. Ft.680
   Air inlet length, equiv. Ft.080
   Water volume, gals9.5
   Flue diameter, in5"
   Current, amps5
   Cv, GPM @ 1psid60
   Boiler HP16
   Input MBH600
   Output MBH556
   Fuel TypeNat. Gas
   ASME Design Data Max100PSI +250°F
   Negative Flue Pressure-0.2" W.C.
   Positive Flue Pressure0.25" W.C.
   Height53 1/8"
   Length36 3/4"
   Width29 1/2"
   LBS.1080 lbs
Combustion Air System Improve your boiler efficiency while cutting your outside air louver size by 70 to 80% while maintaining an ideal boiler room environment
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