Quick Product Details: KN16

Condensing, High Efficiency: 1,600,000 BTUs

The latest addition to the KN Series line of condensing boilers, the KN16 produces 1,600,000 BTUs, while maintaining the features that have made KN Series boilers the most recognized line of condensing, gas-fired boilers in the commercial boiler industry long lasting durability and ultra-high condensing efficiencies ' all in a compact footprint.

Capable of rising to the challenge of any commercial boiler application, the KN16 was engineered on the solid foundation of a high-efficiency, condensing boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger. Paired with the state-of-the-art HeatNet 3.0 boiler control platform, Tru-Flow "whirlwind" blower and gas valve package that replace traditional VFDs, the KN16 delivers pinpoint modulation, ensuring maximum performance at any firing rate.

  Gas Pressure Voltage Flow
Nom 9" W.C. 208/230 V 1ph 60hz
Min 3" W.C. 24 GPM
Max 14" W.C. 240 GPM
  Temperature Rise Flue Length
Min 20°F 6 Equiv. Ft.
Max 100°F 120 Equiv. Ft.
  Air Inlet Length Water Volume
Nom 22.4 Gals
Min 0 Equiv. Ft.  
Max 120 Equiv. Ft.  
  Flue Diameter Current
Nom 6" 6.5 Amps
  Cv, @ 1 psid Boiler
  160 GPM 44.3 HP
  Input Output
  1600 MBH 1484
  Fuel Type ASME Design Data Max
Fuel Nat. Gas/Propane 100PSI +250°F
  Height Length
  74 1/16" 63 1/32"
  Width Weight*
  33" 2160 lbs
*Weight is reflective of "Shipping Weight"