Quick Product Details: KN30

Condensing, High Efficiency: 3,000,000 BTUs

At 3,000,000 BTUs, the KN30 is the largest boiler in the KN Series line. Without sacrificing reliability for size, the KN30 is designed to conquer the largest, most challenging demands of the modern commercial boiler market, using a historical favorite, cast iron.

Condition-tolerant and heat retentive, cast iron heat exchangers make the KN30 stronger and allow for short cycling ' reducing boiler installation and operation costs over its lifetime. And when paired with full-modulation capabilities and HeatNet 3.0 boiler control software, the KN30's high-efficiency condensing boiler technology continues to exceed industry standards and expectations.

  Gas Pressure Voltage Flow
Nom 9" W.C. 240 V 3ph 60hz
Min 3" W.C. 45 GPM
Max 14" W.C. 450 GPM
  Temperature Rise Flue Length
Min 20°F 6 Equiv. Ft.
Max 100°F 120 Equiv. Ft.
  Air Inlet Length Water Volume
Nom 42 Gals
Min 0 Equiv. Ft.  
Max 120 Equiv. Ft.  
  Flue Diameter Current
Nom 8" 6.5 Amps
  Cv, @ 1 psid Boiler
  278 GPM 83.1 HP
  Input Output
  3000 MBH 2781 MBH
  Fuel Type ASME Design Data Max
Fuel Nat. Gas/LP 100PSI +250°F
  Height Length
  74 1/32" 87 1/8"
  Width Weight*
  34" 3500 lbs
*Weight is reflective of "Shipping Weight"