An innovation in its own right, the HEATNET 3.0 Integrated Boiler Management System is the driving force behind the success of the KN Series line of cast iron, high efficiency condensing boilers. Designed for precise system control and increased energy optimization, HEATNET 3.0 is a standard and equally integral feature on every KN Series cast iron boiler model. And with HEATNET Online, KN Series boilers can be monitored remotely, ensuring optimal boiler efficiency regardless of time or location

  • Digital 7” Touch Screen – Easy Programming
  • Lead/Lag Cascade (16 Units)
  • Mixed-Size Unit Communication
  • Adaptive Modulation
  • Circular Pump/VFD/Valve Control
  • BMS Integration
  • Freeze Protection & Delta T Monitoring
  • Hybrid/base Load Capability
  • Priority Boiler Control
  • Domestic Hot Water Communication
  • Web-Based Remote Monitoring/Dashboard
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Set Points
  • Exclusive Remote Monitoring Capability with HEATNET Online

Sophisticated Technology

At its core, HEATNET 3.0 provides consistency and feedback through digital communication. Through continuous monitoring of several system characteristics, such as boiler temperatures, limit circuit inputs and overall system demands, HEATNET 3.0 modulates boiler-firing rates to maximize turndown ratios and maintain peak efficiency regardless of the load.

As an intelligent and equally versatile feature, HEATNET 3.0 not only maintains efficiency in stand-alone KN Series boilers, but can also operate as part of a multi-boiler Master/Member network of up to 16 boilers, as compared to typical systems with smaller boiler configurations. Also capable of functioning as a boiler management system, HEATNET 3.0 can incorporate a mixture of condensing boilers and noncondensing boilers, or can be utilized in base-load applications with existing boiler units, all of which eliminate the need for costly additional third party, wall-mounted boiler control platforms.

In essence, HEATNET 3.0 'learns' the optimal firing rates of a specific application to determine the system's load for optimal energy efficiency. Variable boiler settings for Mod/Max firing rates allow technicians to adjust the maximum firing rates, enabling all boilers to run at extremely efficient levels until all units in the sequence have fired. By keeping the firing rate as low as possible, HEATNET 3.0 is able to take advantage of increased efficiencies at lower inputs.

Designed with technicians in mind, HEATNET 3.0 features an intuitive interface with plug-and-play connections, helping to speed up installation, set-up and diagnostic processes. With all electronics conveniently located in a self-contained control enclosure, all internal components and terminal blocks are easily accessible when maintenance is required. HEATNET 3.0 boiler control software also allows for seamless flash drive or laptop-driven updateable firmware, which adds continuous value and boiler system control without physical control platform updates that can make some equipment obsolete.



HEATNET Online is the perfect alternative to expensive BMS programs. Built specifically for the KN-Series family of boilers HEATNET Online is the most cost effective solution to maximize the performance of your facilities investment.

A secure web-based remote monitoring control platform HEATNET Online continuously monitors, records and graphs input and output trending data for quick visualization of overall boiler system performance. HEATNET Online allows users to see live system performance 24/7/365 to insure peak efficiency while preventing costly failures by allowing proactive responses to systems potentially operating in unsafe conditions. Users can see system performance including but not limited to temperature settings, system cycles and overall boiler performance.

Save Money:

Running your boiler system at peak efficiency is not only important to your organization but it is critical for the environment. By having an easy to understand remote monitoring platform you can pinpoint problems and resolve issues quickly saving time and money while preventing critical system failures resulting in decreased downtime and premium performance.

Alerts & Security:

Custom email alerts are sent to pertinent personnel including the boiler applications team at Advanced Thermal Hydronics to aid in technical assistance when necessary.

HEATNET Online is a secure system using either a wired network or a wireless cellular network. Outbound data only is transmitted through HEATNET Online eliminating security risks. The team at Advanced Thermal Hydronics is available for consultation regarding any security questions to insure all of your IT department’s policies and procedures stay protected.

HEATNET Online Features and Benefits

  • 24/7/365 online boiler system monitoring
  • Customized email notification
  • Prevent boiler system failure/down time
  • Increase boiler performance
  • Remote access from any mobile device
  • Secure outbound only data transmission
  • Wired or wireless cellular network capable
  • Communication with any operating system (IOS/Android/Windows)