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Advanced High Turndown Controls
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10:1 turndown for KN-Series and KN-Series Plus

High Turndown

All KN-Series boilers are available with our

NEW Virtuoso₂

high turndown system. Working off the legendary Tru-Flow air/fuel coupling system; the engineers at ATH have developed an air shutter driven system expanding the KN's turndown ratio to 10:1. The uniquely designed air shutter system is positioned between the venturi and the blower inlet. The air shutter opens and closes electronically depending on the firing rate. The air shutter and blower design protect against intake and flue pressure fluctuations by maintaining blower RPM; providing complete combustion stability across the firing rate without sacrificing performance and reliability at any turndown ratio.

O₂ monitoring

Temperatures and air density changes can effect boiler combustion. O₂ sensors measure oxygen levels in the exhaust. The Virtuoso₂ control platform incorporates a proven Bosch O₂ sensor for real-time monitoring that can be instantly accessed by operators and technicians for instant adjustments for improved efficiencies and lower emissions.

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KN 20

Features and Benefits

  • Improved Efficiencies - Lower Emissions
  • Less Cycling
  • No Restrictions on Water Temp
  • Improved Comfort
  • Matched Input - No Degradation in Performance
  • No Nuisance Lockouts - Less Maintenance

10% Turndown

10% Turndown

50% Turndown

50% Turndown

100% Full Fire

100% Turndown