Polish National Catholic Church
Gets a KN10 Boiler

Polish National Catholic Church

Woonsocket, R.I.
Dec 2004

When it was time to replace the 30 year old boiler at the Polish National Catholic Church in Woonsocket, R.I., the Church wanted a high efficiency boiler that would not only cut fuel consumption and save money, but one that would also qualify for rebates from the gas company.

The KN-10 was installed by Victory Mechanical Services of Bellingham, Mass. in December 2004.

In addition, the boiler had to be small enough to be taken down a set of external stairs, through a church function room and into a very small boiler room in the basement of the church.

Their choice: the KN10, a high-performance, high-efficiency boiler with a modulating input up to one million BTU/hour. The KN10 is a cast iron commercial, gas-fired boiler specifically designed to condense in low temperature applications. The system features Tru-Flow technology to control the air-fuel mixture at all firing rates and venting conditions, and combines high efficiency (up to 93%) with a small footprint. It is ideal for use in demanding applications such as schools, hospitals, large apartment buildings and offices.

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