Springfield, CO
Knows the importance of reliable heat

Springfield, CO

Springfield, CO
Nov 2004

KN10, a 1 million BTU boiler, provides the town of Springfield, Colorado, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that its standby electrical generators are always ready.

The KN-10 was installed by Wright Plumbing & Heating of Colorado Springs, Colorado in November of 2004.

The KN10 Boiler was installed to maintain 110F hot water to the diesel engines that drive the back-up generators. Power can be supplied immediately in the event that there is a failure with the main power grid that supplies electricity to southeastern Colorado.

If not keeping the engines warm, it would take three to four hours before the back-up generators could be started. The KN10 is a cast iron commercial, gas-fired boiler specifically designed to condense in low temperature applications. The system features Tru-Flow technology to control the air-fuel mixture at all firing rates and venting conditions, and combines high efficiency (up to 93%) with a small footprint. It is ideal for use in demanding applications such as schools, hospitals, large apartment buildings and offices.

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